Everyone knows how astonishing movies are. You get to be in that cool world while staying in your seat. You get to see your favorite heroes while eating that puffy popcorn. Everything is so great with movies, especially when they are new to your eyes.

But what makes movies really pleasing is when you get to hang around with either yourself or with your friends. But more than that, there are still amazing things happening at Odyssey Cinema VX-9 which you will be amazed at.

You’ll get to experience 3-D movies of your choice.

Three-dimensional films are a total knock out. Many people prefer going to the cinema because of it. You get to pick a cool seat and wear those cool blue and red glasses that makes you utter words of joy and fun. Odyssey Cinema provides you everything with 3-D in it. This makes you feel like you are really inside the movie with your cherished superhero working so hard to save humanity from the ill-natured villains.

Popcorns are way better, especially with a variety of flavors.

Odyssey Cinema offers popcorns with pleasing and pleasant flavors. You will be astounded by what they got there compared to what you have at home. Oh yes, popcorns are easy to prepare but you can never have the same flavor as those in the cinema.

You can never get a screen as big as that of the cinema.

What you have at home might be a 40” TV which you are totally fond of. But those inches have limits. If you want to get more of the movie, then why not try driving yourself to the Odyssey Cinema to please yourself for more. It is totally different to be inside the theater where a lot of people are found, watching that favorite actor of yours saving the world.

The volume makes you feel like you are part of the film.

One thing that makes the cinema a great thrill for moviegoers is the audio. The volume there is extremely amazing. It is too different to that you got at home. It makes you feel like you are part of what is happening in the movie.

Everything is just magic.

Watching movies at the cinema is an absolute magic. It’s just that, everything makes sense when you are doing it theatrically. The mojo — that is one superb thing people are talking about when they go to the cinema. You’ll feel it right to your spine which makes you get so excited. The cinema also helps you in forgetting your problems, especially those distractions outside of it. For some, watching films at Odyssey Cinema VX-9 is the best thing they can do to become whole. They do not only get interrupted but they learned tons of things through these movies. Of course, people learn from movies, and that is a total fact.

Things to remember:

When inside the cinema, you need to take note of your etiquette. Of course, movie theaters need it. To keep things in order, people should be responsible for their trash and where they are seated. When in line at the snack bar, you must never rush things. Remember, you are not the only one who is staying in the cinema, unless if you buy all the tickets for all the seats inside to have them all for you. And lastly, turn your smartphone off. You should stop talking as you will only disturb the other viewers.