In perhaps a thousand years from now, our species will likely look back at the start of the digital revolution as the beginning of radical changes in societies around the world, and when you see just how far those zeros and ones have already taken us, you realise we are now more empowered than ever. Everything from biometric security to the Internet, relies on a digital platform and for the modern musician with a good grasp of IT, the possibilities are frightenly unlimited. For the very first time, you can create studio quality, mixed audio on a single laptop (with the right software), and with backing tracks available from online suppliers, there’s no limit to what you can do.

Online Solutions

The World Wide Web is the perfect marketplace for those who buy and sell audio and video files for commercial use, in fact, buying quality music backing tracks online is very much the norm for a techie songwriter these days, and there are millions of MP3 files being traded across the world, and the site that hosts such files would have just about every type of sound file you could want, with specialist requests catered for. There is one such platform that has the widest selection of music for sale, and this is literally a one shop solution for any digital project.

The Software

Computer programs like Cakewalk preceded the current generation of digital audio workstations (DAW) and these can do just about anything that a state of the art recording studio could, plus a little more. FL Studio is a very easy to use program, with slice, cut and paste technology using multiple digital layers gives you very powerful tools and a professional output quality in any format you wish. You will need to set aside a fair budget for this software, and it is advised to crawl through specialist forums, looking for advice and info about the available platforms.

Competent Use of Technology

Once you have installed the chosen platform for your music creation project, you need to become proficient at using it, and the best way to do that is follow the developer’s tutorial, and if you have a basic understanding of this type of application, you’ll have no issues. Once you fully understand the interface and have completed a few mock projects, you will have the necessary skills to put together something worth listening to.


Once you have the technical stuff down and have all the online resources, the only thing missing for some serious music writing is a little creativity, and that is entirely a personal thing. Some musicians and writers like to potter around the house until an idea strikes, while others prefer a country walk, but whatever it takes to get your creative juices flowing, spend some time in that environment, and if others are involved in the project, why not all take a holiday together?

With state of the art programs and a range of online resources, creating your own music has never been easier, and the up and coming generations who were born into the digital age are currently pushing the boundaries in music creation.