Many families decide to introduce a pet into the home and of course, a dog is usually high on the list of suitable animals. Dogs are amazing creatures and haven’t earned the title “Man’s Best Friend” for nothing. Dogs are loving, faithful and protective of their owners and choosing the right breed of dog is not a decision to take lightly. Here is a list of popular dog breeds for families, which should help you to make the right decision.

  • Labrador – This breed is undoubtedly number one on the list. Friendly and lively, the Labrador always aims to please and they have the perfect temperament for a family pet. Of course, the younger the dog, the better and if you are planning on bringing a Labrador puppy into the family, this is perhaps the best possible choice.
  • Bull Terrier – An ideal family dog, the bull terrier is sturdy and can take a lot of punishment from young children. They are intelligent, good natured and very energetic dogs, making them an ideal choice as a family pet. The bull terrier will endure lots of manhandling by kids and as the family bond grows, the bull terrier will become very protective of the children, which is an added bonus.
  • Newfoundland – This large breed is as sweet and kind as can be and if you have a large garden and family, the Newfoundland could be the ideal choice. They do require a high level of care and attention, which is why you should take out some form of pet insurance, as that will be an investment long term. This breed will want to be involved in everything the family does and is only suitable if you consider your dog to be an integral member of the family.
  • Be Careful With Small Breeds – If you have young children, a small dog is probably not a wise choice, as they can be snappy and easily damaged by energetic young kids. Poodles, for example, are quite temperamental and can become aggressive when bothered by young children, so if you do choose a small dog as a family pet, don’t leave your children with the dog until you are absolutely sure it is comfortable in such an environment.
  • Mixed Breeds – It isn’t essential to choose a thoroughbred dog for the family pet and there are many dog rescues that have lots of lovely mixed breed dogs that need a good home. When visiting a dog rescue centre, go with your inner feelings when you are introduced to a dog in their care. Many rescue dogs have had traumatic experiences in the past and they might not be so trusting at first, but if you persevere, the chances are you will find the ideal pet that is waiting for a family like yours to adopt them.

Selecting the right breed of dog as a family pet does require a level of thought and we hope that this article goes a long way towards helping you choose the perfect pet for your family.