The color of a flower dress holds a special significance. Little flower girls are fond of dresses in bold and vibrant crayon colors. This is the perfect age where such lively and cheerful loud style statement is seen favorable by everyone. This vibrant color adds to their charm, beauty, and magic that makes them a lot noticeable to their wedding guests.

What is a flower girl dress?

This dress often mirrors the dress of a bride in formal and traditional weddings. Colored ribbons or embroidery can also be used to run through the bridal gown threads. If the color scheme of the wedding is using 2 main colors, then one of those colors shows up in the dress of a flower girl. The bride may select same color for both the bridesmaid as well as toddler flower girl dresses. Variations in this color can also be introduced for both these kinds of dresses.

What are the different colors available for a flower dress?

The dresses of a flower girl are not supposed to be only white.  She can even wear joyful and warmer colors such as ivory, light pink and blue. These would be nice flower dress options complementary to the bridesmaids and bride.

You can try shiny champagne color flower girl dresses. Dresses with “wild berry” hues will look amazingly delicious for you. A “denim” color is seen as a casual choice for an informal wedding. Soft pink color with a combination of satiny white looks extremely interesting option for people.

  • The color purple comes in iris, lilac, or periwinkle.
  • Orange color looks really refreshing in tangerine, mango, or coral.
  • Beautiful blue looks dramatic in navy or indigo color and cool in ocean blue.
  • Green gowns appear best in apple green, sage green and Green shade is best for garden weddings.
  • If the wedding is going to be conducted on the beach, then an adorable aqua suit best for a seaside atmosphere.
  • The lovely green-blue shade looks best when used alone or in conjunction with a floral pattern.
  • Floral patterns are perfect for wedding They also look marvelous on flower girls. These flowery pattern plays a perfect role in informal and formal fashion. It looks stylish for a stunning beach wedding.
  • Jewel red, spun gold and shimmery silver is best suited for holiday weddings.
  • Deep burgundy and pumpkin warm up your autumn evenings.
  • Ball gowns are generally styled in pretty pastels. This is because of the light airiness conveyed by the pastels and the flowy fabrics that gives that “princess” touch.
  • Beautiful gowns in lovely peach and pale pink adds magic to a wedding party.

What other accessories can be worn to give a special touch to the appearance?

Pairing your nice flowery dresses with matching accessories such as satin gloves, satin capes and taffeta bolero jackets extends the magic.


The perfect color of the dress of a flower girl is not just limited to the 8 fundamental colors of the childhood crayon package. There are hundreds of different variations and shades of colors that have now been used to make a flower girl dress impressive and mind-blowing.