Due to the recent rise of intuitive smartphones, high-tech tablets, and razor-thin laptops, the digital marketing arena has experienced some significant reverberations and ideological shifts over the past decade or so. However, you don’t have to be a Silicon Valley tech maven to see where the future of commerce is headed. Just take a look at some of the facts and figures shown below:

  • By the year 2019, video marketing will comprise more than 80% of all web-based foot traffic.
  • YouTube, the world’s largest video-hosting service, has doubled its revenue stream in the past year alone.
  • 60% of Internet-surfers prefer watching clips and videos to reading articles and exposés.
  • Almost 6 in 10 individuals prefer Internet-based video platforms to cable or satellite subscription services.
  • Reinforcing email-marketing initiatives with relevant videos can increase click-through rates by 200% or more.
  • Embedding relevant videos into web-based portals can increase conversion rates by over 70%.

Video Marketing Is the Future

As you might imagine, video marketing is quickly transforming into the most lucrative advertising vehicle in this day and age since it provides consumers with the pertinent information and innovative visuals they have come to expect from 21st century media content. For advertising specialists and promotional experts, on the other hand, video marketing allows even the smallest of firms to keep up with ever-changing fads, trends, and consumer tendencies, which is especially important when taking into account the seemingly unlimited advertising budgets of blue chip companies and multinational conglomerates.

Simply stated, if you wish to remain on the cutting-edge of our wildly competitive commercial marketplace, you have to maintain a forward-looking mentality and jump on any opportunity to compete head-to-head with the larger companies in your industry or niche. Contrary to popular belief, the easiest way to do this is by partnering with a reputable video production company in Dubai.

What Can a Video Production Company Do for My Firm?

If you’d like to increase your brand’s presence, bolster your search engine rankings, grow your revenue stream, and give your company a chance to go viral, you should establish a tight-knit relationship with a renowned video production firm as soon as possible. With this notion in mind, you should look for a firm that provides the following services:

  • Creative Services: Based on your specific target market, product line, and suite of services, the production experts will work with you to create, design, and deliver unique clips and movies to promote your brand. Such professionals can even assist with location filming in sought-after sites such as the inner city of Dubai, the desert plains in Liwa, or any number of 5-star resorts in the area.
  • Video Production: Regardless of format, genre, or the budgetary confines of each client, these firms are able to procure incredible media content at very cost-effective price points.
  • Post-Production: As these firms specialise in working with Adobe Creative Suite, Davinci Resolve, Pro Tools 11, and 4k post-production equipment, the in-house experts are able to weave incredible graphics, transitions, and special effects into any type of clip or movie. These experts can also assume the post-production formatting and distribution responsibilities to ensure that your videos reach as many eyes as possible.