When it comes to supporting a community life in a way that no other establishment can support, the only name that rings a bell is BAR. It is actually that vaunted ‘third space’ that is neither home nor workplace. It can be defined more aptly like a living room of the society.

This is the place, where you can frequent with your friends, family or your co-workers. The home and the family are two different spheres and bar is the third, which offers the perfect blend of these two. This is in terms of gossips, interests, complaints and inspirations.

If you are interested in knowing some of these places in Gurgaon, which offer the possibility and comfort of mingling then keep reading.

Here are some of the best bars that Gurgaon offers for a change of pace from mundane life.

Molecule Air Bar

The top choice is Molecule Air Bar located in the buzzing market of sector 29. Spread across two floors, this is ideally situated and has a terrace seating arrangement on the upper deck. The décor and the interiors are well thought of. The regulars find the ever-evolving menu very interesting as there is always something new to look forward to. The bar is well-stocked and they also have a brewery for some awesome beer. Their signature cocktail menu is highly recommended as they are very innovative. The place lives up to its reputation in terms of food also and overall this should be a must visit-place in your itinerary.

Batli 29

Another microbrewery in the same locality of sector 29, this is again a place to hang out. They serve freshly brewed beer along with scrumptious food in a very good ambience. Their Batli bomb is a highly recommended item. The regulars here vouch for their beer cocktails. The brewery and the impeccable service of the staff make every visit a perfect experience, something that will persuade you to visit again.

The Old School Brewhouse

Boasting of one of the best terrace sitting in sector 29, this place offers some live music on Wednesday night. The place becomes happening post 9 pm. The food is good and the portion size is large. The place can rightly be called the hidden gem with a good choice of drinks, amazing service and good ambience.


This place in Gurgaon is simply wow right from the very offset. You are transferred to a completely different time zone once you enter it. The experience of eating awesome dishes in the perfect ambience is totally out of the world. They score big not only on taste, but also on the food presentation. They have a wide variety of choices when it comes to mocktails and cocktails and their service is really quick. The place simply impresses and amazes you on every front.

7 Degrees Brauhaus: This microbrewery located on Golf Course Road is slightly heavier on the pocket. But, when it comes to quality, they are worth every penny spent. Right from their ambience, flavours, presentation and hospitality, everything is top notch. The in-house brewed beers are superb and you will definitely be startled by their taste. They are just smooth and perfect. Their speciality is 7° beer, which has an aftertaste of corn. This beer is unique and subtle and is highly recommended by regulars.

Gurgaon is a business hub and thus people from all across India  keep visiting it for business purposes. If you happen to visit the city, do find time to drop into some of these highly recommended bars.