The popularity of Hip-Hop, Dance, Latin, and EDM music does not seem to be waning any time soon. Clubs, festivals, and other music venues all over the world are filled with patrons looking to hear their favorite tunes. DJs of all levels of popularity are ready and available to be booked and to play shows. Promoters all over are wondering how to get these DJs in their venues. This is where a booking agency comes in.

Booking agencies can help promoters find the perfect act for their venue. From up and coming DJs to international superstars, promoters can get into contact with who they need for their shows. Not only will these agencies get the promoter and DJ connected, they can also help them find the right act.

Finding the perfect match can be a challenge. Different shows have different restrictions. A private liberal arts college’s homecoming show is not going to have the same budget as Coachella, and a stadium in Europe will not have the same amount of attendees as a teen club in San Francisco. Agents understand this and will aid promoters accordingly. Additionally, artist can’t work every single day or be in two places at once. If an artists is booked on the date a promoter has in mind, this can be resolved. Possibly the best part of using a booking agency is that the agents can have a replacement option available in mere seconds. Agents will find an artist within budget, on the correct date, with a perfect fit for the venue. Agents and promoters have many of the same goals in mind: to bring in the best act for the budget, to have the show run smoothly, and for the paying customers to go home happy.

There are many agents and agencies to work with, and choosing the right one is important. An agency with a good reputation and solid connections is vital to making a good impression on artists and DJs. So, what sets one agency apart from another? A good place to start is the roster. While booking agencies can have access to acts not on their website roster, it is good to know who their main roster acts are. It is also good to look at where an agency is based, as this could break promotions into a new territory or help to gain an artists from that territory. For example, a London music agency could help to bring in European or English acts to the US or help to bring an act from elsewhere into the UK or Europe. The best agencies will also aid in promoting the shows on their website and on social media as well. These agencies want their artist’s shows to do well, and for them to perform more shows.

New DJs are doing shows, spinning records, and releasing new music every day and they are looking to be booked for more shows. Find the right fit with the right agency, and get the right DJ.