For those that have always wondered about the pole shifts and what the exact cause of them is, then Ben Davidson has answered all your questions and left no stone unturned. All of this was covered in his video series that took an in-depth look at this subject. The way that this got started was that he discussed a piece of reading that many people have never heard of title the Adam and Eve Story. There is a good reason as to why many people have not heard about this book. The main reason is the fact that it was classified by the CIA back in 1963 after it was first published. There is a reason why this was classified as the CIA did not want the truth about the shifting of the poles to get out to the general public. Part of this was declassified in 2013 and published on the CIA website. The version that was published then was a much more sanitized version than what was published in 1963.

Want to Know About Ben Davidson

So what was so controversial in this book that is had to be classified by the CIA, the answer to this is simple. The truth about the shifting of poles was exposed and greatly conflicted the report that others had produced years prior. There was a report that said that we would experience a pole shift every 5000 years of 40 degrees. Instead in the book which was published, this countered this and said that the poles could shift as much as 90 degrees in the span of a simple day and then after the next cycle, these would return to their original position. This was the reason that the book was classified and kept out of the public eye. The classification of this book led to more and more people seeing this as an opportunity to take this theory and run with it.

The Good, the Bad and Ben Davidson

Along with the fact that the author put together a theory that over the course of a thousand years, this could happen several times and many people would never notice unless it was brought to their attention. The government did not want this information to come to the surface and as such kept it under a classification label. While this has a lot of people that buy into it, there are still those that think that this is just a simple conspiracy that more and more people tend to jump onto. No matter what you may think, the simple fact of the matter is that regardless of how much it is done, or how often it happens, the poles are shifting on a regular basis and yet the media tries to make this sound like it is a big deal that is rare to have happened. People will believe what they want and the only way to get people to believe what you want them to is to take the information and put it in front of a person and let them draw their own conclusions about the details.