Be it a new movie or a TV show audition you are looking for, there is always a way out. All you have to do is look for a local acting audition and a casting call in your nearby area. If you search online you will come across a number of websites that will help you out in this regard. These websites are the perfect place from where you get to know about where the latest auditions are taking place in and around your area. Just click on the link you want to enroll in and sign up by providing the required details of your child.

The age distribution

The number of child acting auditions available varies depending on the location, the experience level, roles available etc. It also depends on individual experience, capacity and expertise. Kids from 0 to 18 years are eligible for such kid auditions and the various age distributions along with the tips for success are as follows:

  • Babies – Your baby can grow into awannabe star if raisedunder proper guidance. Since, they need to be on stage for long without your guidance, always ensure they arewell-rested, properly fed and comfortably dressed. Also, see that your child is in good mood before interactingwith the casting director.
  • Toddlers – In most of the casting calls for toddlers, the director usually wants to see if your child is able tonaturally handle the role.So, you should do sufficient research in this regard,dress them appropriatelyand help them obtain the right materials for preparation.
  • Teenagers – Teenager audition is different from the rest.You can’t just keep smiling atthe camera like a kid. It is more challenging.You need to impress your casting director by getting totally engrossed in the role, yet remain calm. Memorize the script well. Don’t put on anxiety, it helps you to perform well. Stay fit and in shape to improve your self-confidence and energy level.Never worry about how you look, that hardly matters in an audition.

The different platforms

The different platforms available for audition are:

  • The TV shows where you can giveauditions for Nickelodeon Disney and others
  • Movie auditions for kids from 12 to 18 years
  • Acting auditions for those kids and teens without any experience
  • Commercial auditions for kids that helps in earning easy money
  • Singing auditions are held for kids, when the directors are in search of stars
  • Modeling auditions are usually held for kids to pose for fashion brands