If you were to go and Google ‘Neha Kakkar song download’, there are sure chances of finding recently trending songs like ‘DilbarDilbar’, ‘Tu Cheez Badi’, ‘AankhMaare’ or‘Laila’. Do these songs ring any bells? They have one particular thing in common. Yes, these all are remakes of old Bollywood songs that were once a sensation and continue to be highly regarded by many.

It all started a few years back when songs like ‘Yeh MeraDil’ from Don 2 and others started making the rounds. And we cannot forget the playful 90s that brought a different revolution of pop remixes. But they were a different story altogether so let us leave them aside, shall we?

Now that the remix trend is back and stronger ever than before, we are bombarded with almost a new remix of an old song now and then.

Bollywood has been many a time been accused of plagiarism. Remakes, even if not plagiarized, are mostly the same wine served in a new glass.

A remix may either have just the main hook line and an entire set of new lyrics and music added to it, or it may retain the entire parts as they are and only add some pop to it.

Remixes also have a good side

Before we move to a heated discussion on a few debatable points, let us look at a few good things that come out of it.

Remix music can be quite refreshing in a nostalgic sense. Sometimes, the electropop beats and groovy tracks added with them suit well to the current scenario and is also loved by the gradually modernizing Indian population. Many of these iconic songs that were unknown to many young adults out there are now aware of the original that inspired the newer one. In a way, it is just increasing the brand equity of the original song. Not all recreations are that bad or ill-sounding, they are quite melodious to the ears.

 Another side of the coin…

The main question is that where does this leave the real talent? There’s no denying the fact that in spite of numerous recreations, there has been some fresh produce of music as well.

Who didn’t enjoy listening to Amit Trivedi’s Soundtrack from Andhadhun, or perhaps Shankar Ehsaan Loy for Raazi?

Does original creativity lose its stand and shine in front of these remix songs?

It is also seen that many of these songs have a short-lived hype. As soon as a new movie song whichis a remake is released, it usually starts trending and this trend then dies off within a few months. Hence it can be said that unlike its original counterpart, the remakes and remixes fail to create the everlasting impact. Even though the original song seems to be just fine, it already has a remix to its name.

Not many well-known musicians seem to agree with this trend.  What compels the making of a remake or a remix? The obvious one being the fact that musicians looking for shortcuts opt for this path. Especially when creative instincts are hard to arise. When a remix is hit, this propels the creation of another remix and another and so on.

In all, people remember the original more than the version that was beautified and presented  to them. But there is also the fact that people enjoy these songs with great enthusiasm. After all, all they want nowadays is groovy and electropop music.

There’s also no denying the fact that a nicely done remix can work wonders if it has the potential.